Music Sight Reading and Memorization Guide

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Revised & Expanded to include 80 sight reading examples in major and minor keys and with sound clips to check accuracy…



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 The Music Sight Reading and Memorization Guide

“I´d like to thank you for providing a quality music education program for free. It is very hard to get good quality instruction and much more for free. God bless you and make you profit abundantly, much more that you have been giving, in all areas of your life,
Thanks again!!!”


“Hello Trevor,
Wow!! I cannot thank you enough for devoting your time for those who enjoy classical music. I really enjoy it and my guitar playing has definitely improved. Thank you again for being so devoted.”


“Trevor I have to say that I think your methods are outstanding! The way you present a piece in such a natural and simple way that anyone can grasp, a thing I have not seen by any other is a wonderful ability. The focus and emphasis on method and technique over simply repertoire as others do really sets you apart from the rest. When I watch and listen to you I understand what I am looking to accomplish and that’s simply fantastic. Thank you for your dedication and gift to the rest of us!”


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Hi Trevor,

Music S-R Memorization Guide plus Music Notation Primer are really really usefull resources. Good work 🙂
Two thumbs up.
Thank you.
 Evangelos Skropias:
I must say that the work you have done in order to help beginners is memorable. I can only say the best, it is a simple and effective way to learn exactly what you dont know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kosal Sou:

Hi Trevor,

Thank you very much for the great resource. I was trying to find the music school for the classical but i think your ebook is such a great tool to start my classical guitar. I do not see many people here in Cambodia learning the classical and I was very interested in starting it with your inspiration.

I wanted to say thank you for sharing and wish you a great success.
Hi Trevor, I want you know, that your resources arrived to Spain, thank you for your help in and to take time to workin help us to read music.
I play the 3 guitars, Classic, Flamenco and Electric, and I must to say that your knowledge in classic is awesome.

The music notation primer is awsome I love it.It is indeed very helpful to me. Thanks for sending me a free copy.


Thank you very and your guide is very useful.

Dear Trevor.
I’m very very thank you for your precious website. Its a great pleasure of mine to learning guitar here from you.
all the best.
Sali Mohammed: 
Hi! Mr Trevor Thank you for your books and your class. I am a beginner and I find your classes extremely helpful. There is a lot of material to study!
It’s really a good book man, thank you…

Kshitij Joshi:
Dear Mr. Trevor M.,
A big thank you for your concern and efforts, i am new to the classical guitar and music,your help really helps!

thank you , this book is really helpful to us.

Thank you so much Mr. Trevor, actually i wanted to go for classes but due to some personal problems i couldn’t. But now i am learning as i am a beginner, and you’ve been a great teacher to me, Once again thank you very much. May God bless you.

Thank you very much Mr. Trevor! It’s just amazing!


Thanks so much for the ebook. I have ver little knowledge of reading music and I think this will help me a lot.

Giovanni Rodino:
Dear Trevor, I can only say thank you very much, I do appreciate your work and your help. Yours are some of the best books I have ever seen on learning the basics of Music.
Keep up the good work!!

Emmanuel Abbam:  
Thank you so much. This book is really helping me .You are doing a great job.

Thank you very much Mr Trevor, music in general and classical precisely is more like a piece of cake to me now..All best !

Thank you Mr. Trevor.
It’s certainly helpful for a beginner like me …

Best wishes,

Hi, Trevor 🙂
Thank you for such a good knowledge book. Think God heard me, because I yesterday with my friend tried to get in some music theory. I have no musical education, this will be very, very useful for me.

Kind regards,
Pauls from Latvia

Thank you, Trevor! This is what I needed! Starting from scratch at 69 is not easy but your lessons are making it easier than I thought possible.

Hello Trevor,Question: which fingers am I to use on fretting for HUSH LITTLE BABY? I watch your video but you are so smooth that I cannot tell for sure. I am using my index (i) and ring (a) at this time.

Thank you.Frank

If you look on the sheet music I provide you’ll see markings “i”and “m”. This indicates you use your index and middle (next to index) fingers. As a beginner this is the finger combination you should use for maximum control.

I hope this was of help.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.
Hello Trevor,Yes, I am using the I & M on plucking but which fingers do you use to press the strings on the frets? I am presently using index finger for the “f” and “c” notes and my ring finger for the “d” note. Do have CDs that you have recorded? If so, where can I buy them?Thank you for responding – especially since you must get volumes of email daily!


Hi Frank,

The left hand fingering is above the notes. The “0” means the string is played open, meaning no finger required and the 1 and 3 mean the 1st and 3rd fingers of your left hand (or right hand if you’re a left handed guitarist). No CD’s on the market just yet! :))
I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

Ahhhh…. I thought it just meant frets as on the TAB sheet! Ok, this helps!Thank you.

Hi! Mr Trevor Thank you for your books and your class, thanks to you I become better from day to days. And it: in spite of fingers which are seventy years old and arthritis. Now I can play the guitars that I make. Excuse my English it is not very good. And Thank again

James K.: 
Dear Mr Trevor,

Many thanks for your excellent book. I’m really grateful to you for your work. As playing is my pleasure, and so you did proved that you are a great mentor.

Thanks Trevor from me in Melbourne. I find your materials very useful and that you provide it for free is very creditable. Kindly keep up the good work.

Mike M.: 
Thanks Trevor. I read the first book through and appreciated the way you simplified everything for us. I look forward to the sightreading book as that is my biggests weakness (and avoidance) – Mike M

Thank You Trevor, I have been converting to tab myself but mostly never sure about timing for years. I even use a metronome at times. Playing by ear and guessing time by the spacing of tab notes on measure. May your good will be blessed.

Thanks and I hope the materials I’ve provided continue to serve your needs into the future :))

Eric Lowe: 
Hi Trevor,
I am allways gratefull in any music informaion that I recieve from you,as my music interest only started after my retirement abou tthree year’s ago

You’re welcome Eric and keep up the good work :))

Dear Trevor,
Thanks a lot for your Sight Reading Guide. Its really very helping one. I am trying to catch up with them. But I am still in the beginner’s phase of guitar.
Best Regards,

You’re welcome Mukesh :))

Thank you!

Hi Trevor,

Greetings from Malaysia. Thanks very much for your emails, and the MSR Guide which is very useful to a rank beginner like me. I really like your approach in the MSR and the Music Notation Primer. You seem to know the needs of a novice and the insights that you give in your books and the notes that go along with the video lessons are great.

The lessons are well structured — I know what I’m supposed to be getting from them by reading the “teaching” notes before watching the video. In fact i think the notes accompanying the videos are just as important as the videos themselves that I’ve downloaded the notes as well…to read prior to starting practice as a sort of reminder of what the teacher wants the student to do. And it’s such a joy to be able at last to play “ode to joy” (no pun intended) properly.

You’re doing an outstanding job Trevor. I can’t believe I’m getting all these great lessons for free. Thanks again for your efforts. Have a great and safe Christmas holiday.

Thanks Zahani! It’s great to get such positive feedback because it let’s me know I’m on the right track of helping people play classical guitar. I hope that it “fans out” over the years so that classical guitar can be passed on eternally :))

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

I do not know what to say because I am a really beginner student plus my English is no good enough but the course look grate. I just starting now and will inform you about my progress.
Thanks a lot!!!

Dave Mclaren:
The Tutorials are amazing for beginner’s, I have come on leaps and bounds since finding your website Trevor.
At the moment I’m still working my way through the Music Notation Primer, Making sure I understand everything before I progress to the next level.
I am finding the tutorials easy and fun to learn. I’m still having a problem converting TAB to Notation but I’m sure it will improve over time.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Dave McLaren

Great material!
Thanks Trevor

Thank you very much, I am a beginner and I find your classes extremely helpful. There is a lot of material to study!

Thank you very much, I really enjoy the lesion. I very helpful for me as a beginner.

Thanks a lot!!!

Maureen Gibson: 
Awesome guide, an invaluable tool. Sorry I think I posted in wrong section.

Thank you so much Trevor.

Am really out of words i can use to express my appreciation to what you have offered to me, free of charge. May God trully bless you.

You’re welcome and I hope it serves your needs at this time :))

Tom McArdle:  
Thanks for the helpful lessons! I am just beginning, but I already understand the rest stroke better than I did before. I am using a Guitalele, which is normally tuned ADGCEA, like a Requinto. The Tablature is fine, but I may have trouble transposing the notation. Anyway, I am sure I will get a lot out of the course! Thanks again.
You’re welcome Tom. Let me know how you get on :))

Joe Wisniewski: 
I came down with shingles on my left arm so I’m doing your study books. I was wondering if you have a method for learning the barre in a build way. Being 81, I like your font size.

Thanks a lot! It was really helpful to me!

Dear Trevor,
Thanks a lot for your Sight Reading Guide. I haven’t seen it in my environment, and it is so helpful for my progress with my lovely instrument.
Best Regards,

You’re welcome Kyaw. I hope it serves your needs well at this time :))

Mike Aaron:  
Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the excellent “Music Sight Reading and Memorization Guide”. Seeing that it mentions that one should try reading one to two bars ahead, I gave that a try and I find that I am able to glance at the next bar to sort of prepare myself for what ‘s ahead. I was always afraid that I would lose my place by doing that but I did not lose my place this time! Thanks for including that concept.


You’re welcome Mike. I guess it’s a case of trying something new and overcoming our fears. I still need to push myself everyday to take risks – not just on guitar I might add! :))

Joseph K.:
Hello everyone. I have been signed up for the full course in the past when it first began. I am getting ready to re-up. You will not be sorry if you go the full membership package. And it helps Trevor keep the free stuff flowing. Trevor, as always. thanks mate.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Joseph :))

Hey Trevor,
You are such a wonderful man helped me so much by your great lessons. This sight reading book is one for the most wonderful books I’ve studied.
Thanks for helping students to be good guitar players. Thanks for your great guides in holding the guitar and moving left and right fingers. Your great theory information is outstanding.
God bless you.

You’re welcome and I’m glad everything’s working out for you :))

Ron Hunte:
Mr Trevor, this is priceless. I’m new to classic guitar and have been overwhelmed by the information available . Your books is a perfect guide to get me out of this maze. Thanks again,

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  • Pranay from darjeeling india

    Hi sir..thank vry much fr ur genune is helping a lot..especialy diffrent stykes such as sonata menute etc…thank u vry much fr sharing with us ur priceless work

  • Alexander Mowatt

    Like so many people I have had a life long thirst for knowledge in the direction of music. This ebook is a truly great tool to allow me, at my current age of sixty six to continue on that journey. Having retired some seven years ago I now wish to focus on enjoying what time I have left and that includes, in a big way, getting to grips (no pun intended) with my increasing guitar collection and all the various course material I have purchased. I commend you in your efforts to assist others all be it with a degree of, natural, expected reward(s) going forward. Thank you Trevor.

  • Keith Cains

    Trevor – Thank you so much for the “Music Sight Reading and Memorization Guide”. This is exactly what I need at this stage (I’m a newbie at classical guitar). Thank you again.

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