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Count Basie
Born: 1904

Bill Basie studied music with his mother as a child and
played piano in early childhood. He picked up the basics of
early ragtime from some of the great Harlem pianists and
studied organ informally with Fats Waller. He made his
professional debut as an accompanist for vaudeville acts
and replaced Waller in an act called Katie Crippen and her
Kids. He also worked with June Clark and Sonny Greer who
was later to become Duke Ellington’s drummer.

It was while traveling with the Gonzel White… Continue

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Enrico Rava
Born: 1943

Enrico Rava, born in Trieste in 1939, is undoubtedly the most internationally acknowledged Italian jazzman.
In forty years of his career as trumpet player, and composer, he has produced more than ninety recordings, tweny-five of which as a leader.
Being a great admirer of Miles Davis and Chet Baker, his career started at an early age, when he played in clubs in Turin.

In 1962, he meets {{Gato Barbieri = 3627}} with whom, two years later, he records the soundtrack for Montaldo’s film “Una bella grinta”…. Continue

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