Music Notation Primer Ebook




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Music Notation Primer Ebook


Music Notation Primer Ebook

105 thoughts on “Music Notation Primer Ebook

  1. Thanks for your E-book and Generosity. Thank you for an excellent site for learning classical guitar . I’m 53 and never think that I can play classical guitar. I started practiced to your lesson in for years and this make me very happy and proud even I’m not a good musician. Thank you very much and You should know that you make many people in the world have a better life.
    Regard, Suchai

  2. Thanks for your E-book and Generosity. I am 40 and will start to learn calssical guitar next week because I had watched your vedio.

  3. Super exited to start learning more. I’m 21 I’ve been playing for 5 years now and I’m about expert but there is good stuff to learn. Thank you so much for something that is free and legit!!

  4. Thanks a million for your easy style of introducing people to the world of guitar music. I have become acquainted with the likes of Mr. Candence, Mr. Slur and Mrs. Chord amongst many other members of the music world.
    I am grateful.

  5. Thank you so much for the ‘Ebook’. Since we are in to Gospel singing, It is a blessing to learn from your book and use it for God’s Glory.

    May God bless you to use you, as an instrument in His hand.



  6. Thanks a lot for sharin this great information. What book do you recommend me to learn Classical Guitar? God bless you

  7. Thanks Trevor for your faithful to share the precious stuff. I learn much, much and more aproach to increase my guitar playing. Keep up the good work

  8. Hi,
    Thank you for an excellent site for learning classical guitar with the ebook
    thanks a lot for all the resources and hopefully soon i will enjoy playing classical guitar…
    Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge with us

  9. Hi Trevor, I found your site very helpful in the past, and used to learn great pieces here. However, i havent used it in the past year, and now i'm trying to re-learn those things i forgot. My computer have crashed last month, and all the pdf files i had was lost; and im a bit confused about the site now, since i dont know how can i get those sheets. After registration, i still cant find the link to the PDF files, so my question is; can i get them, or its not working like that anymore? I can see the videos, but to play them, i would need the sheets. Please inform me, where can i find them, if they are still available. Thanks for the help, keep up the great work Cheers TT

    1. Hey Tamas,

      Because you're in the Beginner's Course you'll be sent them each week so just sit back and let them come into your inbox :))

  10. Dear Sir,
    Thank U very much for the e-Book. it is very helpful for me. and waiting for more lessons. thanks again for sharing the knowledge among us. cheers from Sri Lanka.

  11. ii Feel lihe am i a real class. This is cool brother, thank you for your efforts yto make us learn on a wider scale. am just speech less.
    iBelieve i will become a professional one day one time.
    thanks alot

  12. Thank you for providing such an accessible resource! It is a delight to find instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow. I am trying to return to playing the classical guitar after a gap of many decades. I began learning with a tutor in October 1963 (yes, almost 48 years ago!) and played fairly regularly through my teens and early twenties. Then life and work intervened and I drifted away from playing until last week, shortly after my 60th birthday, when I decided to see if I could still read any of the music I used to play.

    The result was VERY rusty but not beyone hope and this made me more determined to return to basics when I happened to Google 'learning the classical guitar' and your excellent site was top of the search results. My over-exuberance resulted in numb fingertips on my left hand but that's a small price to pay for bringing a lovely musical instrument back to life.

    Thank you again, I especially appreciate the videos which help with tempo.

    1. You're very welcome Katie and thanks for the nice comments. I hope your fingers don't get too sore over the coming months :))

  13. Thank You Mr. Trevor for revealing us secrets of this beautiful instrument. God bless Your generosity.
    Thank you for an excellent site for learning classical guitar and the great resource with the ebook and beginner guitar lessons.

  14. Hi Trevor ! Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge with us. I'm very glad I found your site, it's very helpful to me. I've started playing the guitar 3 months ago, so I know a few basic things already, but thanks to you I can still find some new information I had no clue about!

  15. Having just bought my first classical guitar, I was delighted to find your site. I've received the first beginner lesson and am now even keener to continue. Thank you.

  16. Thank you for an excellent site for learning classical guitar and the great resource with the ebook and 1st beginner guitar lesson.

  17. HI
    explain me the way i can get it
    thank you.


  18. This is a great, unforgettable gift for a guy like me, with no money but enthusiastic for classical guitar. Thanks Mr.Trevor and God Bless!!

  19. Hi! Trevor, I am very grateful to you for sharing the e-book learning process for a beginner like me.

    I am impressed. Your clear methods of teaching has indeed motivated me to continue learning a hobby which I loved and about to give to up.

    Thank you very much
    Stephen Nyam

  20. Hi Trevor

    Thank you for an excellent site for learning classical guitar and the great resource with the ebook and 1st beginner guitar lesson. I have an Almansa cedar top solid Indian rosewood back and sides 457 model number guitar. Gorgeous and mellow. I also have an Aria Sinsonido Travel Classical I use heaps. Years ago at airport security I offered to open my guitar case and show customs as what I could see happen, did, they put it in the security box and it jammed flashing the red light as a que of passengers lined up to check through, they were held up around ten minutes all staring at me!!!! I was embarrassed and amused and they all saw the funny side to. Hence a travel guitar with no hassles! I am keen to start as in a remote NZ village called Fox Glacier.

  21. Thanks for sharing this valuable e-book and for the tabs as well. Now, i need to study it and try and practice hard so i can play those beautiful pieces. Thanks again. You're such a blessing to us I can't thank you enough.

    1. You're welcome Wezly! Just take your time and digest it bit by bit as there's no race :))

      Kind regards
      Trevor M.

  22. hi there,

    i couldn't download the ebook.. i tried to right click to save target as, but tat option is not there.

  23. Music notations aren't the easiest things to pick up, and u've made it a whole lot easier! Thx and keep it up! Have a great day! ^_^

  24. Ciao Trevor,
    What an incredible amount of information you have organized into a comprehensive and very readable form.
    As an elderly beginner, it proved too much for me to handle in a single sitting, but ,totally absorbed, I had to go
    through it all in one evening. Needless to say, I plan to return to it again and again and again. Every aspiring guitarist should ensconse this volume in a prominent (preeminent) place in his musical library.
    Have you published anything on classical guitar technique?
    I can't thank you enough.
    Bernie Ferreira.

    1. Thanks Bernie, I'm glad you like it! But don't think you have to "digest it" all in one sitting. If you aim to read a chapter every one or two days you should get through it pretty easily. It's designed to give you a "running start"at theory from which point you can continue further study as needed. This eBook is great to get you up and running as it were.

      In terms of "guitar technique" keep an eye out for future emails :))

  25. Hi Trevor,
    I just received the link to the to your e-book, thank you. I will download it as soon as I am ready. I just bought a classical guitar, just arrived two days ago, it is still in the case and not even tuned yet. A little short on time at the moment and I will have to carve a niche for my self during the day, or everning as I am determined to learn how to play this beautiful instrument.

    Regards, Wil

    1. That's great! The "trick"is to be consistent. A small amount of time everyday is much better than a whole lot of time irregularly. :))

  26. Hello Trevor,
    I've just got myself a Spanish guitar. I'm in the process of learning how to play this instrument. I've downloaded your e-book. Once I begin using it, I shall definitely get back to you with my feedback.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Be Blessed

  27. Just click on the link and it should open up and then you can save it to your desktop. Alternately, right click and use the “Save Target As” function.

    Kind regards,
    Trevor M.

    1. Hello Trevor,
      Many thanks for the eBook, a great resource. Thanks also for your free lessons, which I'm slowly working through.
      Not only that, you produce an excellent web site, with more essential information. A treasure trove for beginners of classical guitar.
      Regard, Fred.

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